McKesson ideaShare frequently asked questions

Below are common questions and answers regarding the pharmacy event of the year. If you have further questions, please contact


General event questions

Q: What is McKesson ideaShare, and why should I attend?

McKesson ideaShare is an annual conference for independent pharmacists and their families. It is designed to focus on providing pharmacy owners and their staff with a plan to improve their clinical, operational and financial performance and drive improvements in patient care and increased profits.

Q: What is the Opening General Session?

Come hear McKesson’s leadership discuss winning strategies for you and initiatives for the coming year, and view the presentation of the Pharmacy of the Year award.

Q: What is the Health Mart Annual Meeting?

Join us as we celebrate your accomplishments for the past year and announce what to look forward to in 2018 and beyond.

Q: What is included in the Final Night Party?

Celebrate the week in style with new and old friends and colleagues at a unique location with food, fun and entertainment.

Q: What is the dress code?

Business casual is appreciated for all conference activities. Plan for hot, dry weather.

Q: What is the weather like in Las Vegas in July?

July is hot with the daily high temperature averaging between 102 to 107 degrees Fahrenheit with the early morning lows mostly in the low 80s.

OneStop Generics rebate questions

Q: Who’s eligible for the OneStop Generics rebate?

Retail independent small/medium chain segment customers and alternate site accounts that register and attend the 2018 McKesson ideaShare Conference are eligible to receive the OneStop Generics rebate.

Q: What is an alternate site account?

Alternate site accounts include long-term care, home health, hospice, assisted living, skilled nursing and combo facilities.

Q: How much is the OneStop Generics rebate?

The OneStop Generics rebate is 3% of total OneStop purchases for the duration of the rebate, not exceeding $20,000 in total payment (i.e. a customer that’s eligible to earn 6 months of rebates will stop earning rebates if they’ve received $20,000 in the first 4 months).

Q: How long will eligible customers receive the OneStop Generics rebate?

Customers that register prior to May 29th will receive 6 months of rebates (August through January), while customers that register after May 29th will receive 5 months of rebates (August through December).

Q: How will the OneStop Generics rebate be paid?

The OneStop Generics rebate will be paid directly to eligible accounts (instead of through the buying groups) via credit memo.

Q: When will the OneStop Generics rebate start?

Rebates will be earned starting with August purchases (paid on September 20th).

How often will the OneStop Generics rebate be paid?

Rebates will be paid on the 20th of every month.

Will OneStop Generics rebate reporting be available?

Reporting detailing the OneStop Generics rebate will be made available to customers through the field.

Will purchases from Masters be used to calculate the OneStop Generics rebate?

No — purchases from Masters will NOT be used to calculate the OneStop Generics rebate. Only OneStop purchases will be used to calculate the OneStop Generics rebate. Masters is a separate business from U.S. Pharma.

How will the rebates be handled for multi-store groups and EDI accounts?

If a store owner registers for McKesson ideaShare using a primary account (but also has commonly owned stores), a process has been established to pull in the remainder of the commonly owned stores so that each will receive the rebate. We will also give the field an opportunity to review the list of payees and suggest any modifications prior to paying the rebate in September. However, each member of a group (that is NOT commonly owned) MUST register and attend the McKesson ideaShare conference in order to receive the rebate.

Family questions

Q: Can I bring the family?

Yes! Guest passes can be added to a Full Conference Pass registration for an additional fee. All registered children ages 3–17 are automatically included in each day of Camp McKesson.

Q: What is Camp McKesson and what does it cost?

Camp McKesson provides on-site childcare and activities during conference hours to children ages 3–17 who are registered for a guest pass. Our licensed childcare professionals will give you the confidence that your children are in a secure, playful and engaging environment while you attend meetings, exhibits and networking events.

New this year! Teen Camp McKesson is an excursion-based program for children ages 12–17. An additional fee of $149 per day and advance registration is required.

Q: Can children attend the Final Night Party?

Admission to the Final Night Party is included in all youth guest passes. Tickets for guests attending the Final Night Party only will be sold at the door for $50 per person (5–20 years old) and $150 per person (age 21 and over).

Registration questions

Q: Can we add people after we have registered?

Yes. Contact or call 866.325.0365.

Q: How can I add additional account numbers for show floor buying labels?

This process will be available after registration launches at the end of March.

Q: Is there a day pass registration option?

The Expo-Only Guest Pass (previously called the Day Pass) is available for $149. This pass does not include meals, access to CE sessions, or access to the Final Night Party. Expo-Only Guest Pass holders are not eligible to receive the Generics rebate.

Q: Are any meals included with my full registration?

Breakfast and lunch Sunday through Wednesday and dinner on Monday (at the Welcome Reception) and Wednesday (at the Final Night Party) are included with your registration package.* 
*Sunday and Monday breakfasts and lunches are for CE attendees only.

Q: How do I get invited to the various lunches and evening receptions?

Your McKesson representative can help you with arrangements for special luncheons and receptions if you have not received an invitation.

Q: What are the options for payment, and when do I pay?

You can either pay via credit card, or request to be billed through your DC. All payments will be processed after the event.

Q: When is the cancellation deadline?

The last day to cancel your registration without penalty is June 27, 2018. Otherwise, you may be charged for one hotel night (plus fees and taxes). Changes to confirmed hotel reservations must be requested through registration support no later than 72 hours prior to the scheduled check-in time to avoid no-show and/or early departure fees.

CE questions

Q: How do I redeem my CE credits for sessions I attend?

You can claim your CEUs on-site near the Exhibit Hall or through after the conference.