2024 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year

Last year, the Health Mart team received numerous nominations that told a range of inspiring stories. We were so proud and excited to read about all the amazing work Health Mart pharmacies are doing in communities across the United States. 

The search for this year’s winner begins Feb. 1. If you feel like your shop has a great story to share, we’d love to hear it. 

Please reach out to your sales representative to discuss your nomination. Or you can send us a private message on our social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

“My advice to others who want to be nominated for Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year is to continue putting the patient first and tell your story. We are all doing amazing work under difficult circumstances. I learn from other pharmacists almost every day,” said Pete Crouch, RPh, owner of Eden Drug and 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year winner.


What does a Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year look like?

  • Best-in-class clinical practices
  • Health Mart brand ambassador
  • Community leader
  • Independent pharmacy advocate
  • Excellent financial performance

Meet the reigning 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year: Eden Drug

Above, Pete Crouch poses with the 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year trophy and Jeanine Singer and Crystal Lennartz after being announced as the winner during the final night party at McKesson ideaShare in Las Vegas.

At McKesson ideaShare 2023, fellow Health Mart and independent pharmacies attending McKesson ideaShare voted to name Eden Drug the 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year. Eden Drug owner and PIC Pete Crouch, RPh, accepted the award from McKesson Senior Vice President of Field Sales Jeanine Singer and President of the Office of Health Mart Crystal Lennartz.

“It feels humbling to have won…I know that many others are also deserving for all the creative ways we all take care of our patients,” Pete said. “Honestly, I was just honored to be nominated and was kind of surprised when we won… I tried to tell our story as simple and honest as I could.”

Based in the lush green town of Eden, North Carolina, Eden Drug stands as a cornerstone of the community. Established in 1982, Eden Drug has been serving the community for more than 40 years and employs a 40-person staff in positions from pharmacist to delivery driver.

Above, some of the 40 Eden Drug employees pose with Pete outside their pharmacy in Eden, North Carolina.

“We celebrated with our team, and they were excited to be part of our recognition as Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year. It helped reinforce the why of what we do. Lots of congratulations came in from our community as well, and Eden Drug is being honored at the next Eden City Council meeting,” Pete said about returning home after winning.

Using the philosophy of “imperfect action is always better than perfect inaction,” Pete said he focuses on how to run a business and make it the best for his patients, his community, and his employees, while making a profit.

If they see a need, they do what they can to fill that need. If they have an idea to help their community or improve the business, they do not shy away from taking a risk to turn that idea into a reality. This includes teaching heart healthy classes at a local senior center and operating an education center to hold diabetes classes next to the pharmacy.

Learn more about Eden Drug’s story in the video below.

Eden Drug was one of three finalists that rose to the top to campaign for the votes of fellow community pharmacies attendanting McKesson ideaShare in Las Vegas. Fellow finalists included Hazel Green Pharmacy of Hazel Green, Alabama, and Professional Pharmacy of Baltimore, Maryland.

Above, Pete and Jeanine pose with finalists Christine Lee-Wilson, PharmD., owner of Professional Pharmacy, and Mike Powers, RPh., owner and PIC at Hazel Green Pharmacy.

Learn About Past Winners

2022: Bunch Pharmacy

Bunch Pharmacy, Guntersville, AL 

For the first time in Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year history, three finalists were presented and chosen by their peers at McKesson ideaShare 2022. The finalists were able to meet, greet and campaign amongst their peers, including stump speeches at the opening general session. Pharmacy attendees voted for their choice for the honor.

The winner of the 2022 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year award was awarded to Bunch Pharmacy at the final night party.

2021: Hayat Pharmacy

Hayat Pharmacy, Milwaukee, WI

The winner of the 2021 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year award was awarded to Hayat Pharmacy during virtual McKesson ideaShare 2021.

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2020: ValuCare Pharmacy

ValuCare Pharmacy, Marinette, WI

The winner of the 2020 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year award was awarded to ValuCare Pharmacy during virtual McKesson ideaShare 2020.

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2018: Bartle's Pharmacy

Bartles Pharmacy, Oxford, New York

The winner of the 2018 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year award was awarded to Bartle’s Health Mart Pharmacy during McKesson ideaShare 2018.

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