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Learn more about Virtual McKesson ideaShare.

Virtual McKesson ideaShare brings together the best and brightest independent pharmacy leaders and their staff to make meaningful connections and share ideas and expertise for building a stronger business. Unite with independents. Learn new ideas. Grow your business. It all happens at Virtual McKesson ideaShare.

Virtual McKesson ideaShare welcomes all independent pharmacies and their staff.

As the nation’s most accessible healthcare provider, independent pharmacies continue to step up and champion their community’s health. Uniting around response and prevention efforts, learning new ways to serve patients and growing the pharmacy’s role to meet evolving needs should be top priority at this time. As public health safety measures related to COVID-19 continue to extend, we have made the decision to convert our live event that was scheduled for June 23–27 in San Diego into a virtual experience this summer.

Continuing Pharmacy Education (CPE) for Virtual McKesson ideaShare has been developed and accredited by CEimpact, an ACPE-accredited provider of continuing pharmacy education. Please note, if you attended a CE, you MUST complete the online requirements to obtain your CPE credit. You have 30 days from when you attend the live session to obtain CPE credit. This deadline is non-negotiable due to the CPE Monitor reporting timelines.

If you are a Health Mart customer, claim your credit by logging in to myHealthMart and accessing Health Mart University℠ (HMU). Enter the code provided in the ‘Enter CPE Code or Access Code’ box in the left-hand navigation. Click SUBMIT. Complete the evaluation as prompted and click SUBMIT to send your information to CPE Monitor.

For all others, claim your credit by logging in to ceimpact.com. If this is the first time you have utilized the CEimpact Learning Management System (LMS) you will need to create an account. From the CEImpact homepage, enter the code provided in the ‘Enter Code’ box in the left-hand navigation. Click SUBMIT. Complete the Evaluation as prompted and click SUBMIT to send your information to CPE Monitor.

Follow instructions to access your CPE Statement of Credit on CPE Monitor. Be sure to enter your CPE Monitor e-profile ID in your HMU or CEimpact profile when you create your account. You can access this number through MyCPEMonitor.net. If you do not enter and save your NABP number within your CEImpact profile, you will not receive CPE credit. This cannot be corrected after the 30 day redemption period has passed.

If you have additional questions, contact the CEimpact team at team@ceimpact.com.

Yes. We plan to resume in-person events starting next year. Here are the dates and locations for the next few McKesson ideaShare events.

  • July 6-10, 2022, Washington, DC
  • June 21-25, 2023, Las Vegas, NV
  • June 23-26, 2024, New Orleans, LA

2021 Rebate FAQs

The first 2,250 retail independent small/medium chain segment stores, and alternate site stores that register for and attend the two General Sessions at the 2021 virtual McKesson ideaShare conference are eligible to receive the ideaShare rebate. (Please note, each location counts as one store).

Attendance of these general sessions can be on live event days (September 14 & 15) or on-demand by September 30.

Alternate Site accounts include Long Term Care, Home Health, Hospice, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and combo facilities.

Required sessions include the two Opening Sessions (Health Mart and Public Policy).

The ideaShare rebate is 2% of Total OneStop purchases for the duration of the rebate, not exceeding $4,000 in total payment (i.e. a customer that’s eligible to earn 6 months of rebates will stop earning rebates if they’ve received $4,000 in the first 4 months)

The first 2,250 stores that register and attend the two required General Sessions will receive up to six (6) months of rebates (October through March).

The ideaShare rebate will be paid directly to eligible stores (instead of through the buying groups) via credit memo.

Rebates will be earned starting with October purchases (paid on November 20th).

Rebates will be paid on the 20th of every month.

Reporting detailing the ideaShare rebate will be made available to customers through the field.

Only OneStop rebate eligible items will be used to calculate the ideaShare rebate.