Could you be the 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year?

It takes a lot of hard work to be considered the best of the nearly 5,000 Health Mart pharmacies. Each year Health Mart awards a pharmacy that is not only a top performer, but is consistent, passionate about the field of pharmacy, displays a drive for innovation, and most of all, serves as a fierce defender of their community’s health.

McKesson and Health Mart have been awarding a Pharmacy of the Year for more than 20 years, honoring the best in community pharmacies across the United States.

If you are a top performer, have an innovative program or have a compelling story to share, you should consider nominating your store.

How: Speak to your account representative about applying and bookmark our Pharmacy of the Year page for updates.

Nomination period: February 3 – March 3

What does a Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year look like?

  • Best-in-class clinical practices
  • Health Mart brand ambassador
  • Community leader
  • Independent pharmacy advocate
  • Excellent financial performance

What does it mean to win?

As winner of Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year, you and your pharmacy will be celebrated all year with special events, media publications, promotional and business opportunities, events, and, of course, the crystal Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year trophy.


Rewind: 2022 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year

For the first time in Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year history, three finalists were presented at McKesson ideaShare 2022. The finalists were able to meet, greet and campaign amongst their peers, including stump speeches at the opening general session. Pharmacy attendees voted for their choice for the honor.


WATCH: Bunch Pharmacy of Guntersville, Alabama

WATCH: Family Pharmacy of Carol Stream, Illinois

WATCH: Sam’s Health Mart Pharmacy of Moberly, Missouri


Winner: Bunch Pharmacy, Guntersville, Alabama

The winner of the 2022 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year award was Bunch Pharmacy, announced at the Final Night Party.

Learn more about Buddy and his pharmacy

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