Don’t forget! Register by April 30 for more chances to earn your rebate

If you’re looking for a sign to finally register for McKesson ideaShare and earn that extra month for the OneStop Generics Rebate, this is it! The clock is ticking, and April 30 is just around the corner.

By registering before April 30, you can earn up to five months of rebate payout, running from August through December. All registrations after April 30 will only earn four months of rebate payout, which means you’ll miss out on an extra month of earning potential!

The OneStop Generics Rebate allows you to earn 2% of your total OneStop purchases up to $6,000 in total payment for up to five (5) stores per registration. That means each Full Conference Pass that attends McKesson ideaShare can earn the maximum payout for five different locations.

Don’t miss out on it by registering before the end of this week. Learn more about the rebate here and register for McKesson ideaShare before May 1.

We look forward to seeing you at McKesson ideaShare 2023!

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