‘The experience that I’ve had has been genuine and great’

As Boyz II Men crooned their way into the hearts of last year’s McKesson ideaShare attendees, the pervasive buzz of optimism filed out of Las Vegas and into the storefronts of pharmacies around the nation.

“The value that we’ve gotten from this and will continue to get is going to far outweigh any kind of cost,” said Samm Anderegg.

Every year, McKesson ideaShare brings independent pharmacists, technicians together with the vendors they need to connect with to have fulfilling conversations and profitable opportunities.

With 150+ different exhibitors, the independent pharmacists that invest into coming to McKesson ideaShare walk away with meaningful connections and long-lasting memories.

“Everyone is here and collaborative and open and willing to help each other out,” said Anderegg. “The experience I’ve had here has been very genuine and great.”

This year’s show in New Orleans, running from June 23-26, promises to continue that tradition with three days of collaborative conversation, insightful sessions and, of course, a final night party featuring New Orleans’ own Harry Connick, Jr.

Registration for McKesson ideaShare is now open.

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