There’s no better place to get fired up than at McKesson ideaShare

You know that feeling of being surrounded by people with a similar mindset? The ones who are doing the exact same work as you do day after day?

That’s what you get by being part of McKesson ideaShare, the nation’s leading community pharmacy event in the nation. 

“[There’s] no better place to get more fired up, more excited about the future of pharmacy than at McKesson ideaShare anywhere,” said Alec Langan.

This year’s show in New Orleans, running from June 23-26, promises to continue that tradition with three days of educational sessions on the topics critical to community pharmacists. From maximizing reimbursements to diversifying revenue streams, the show will bring expert voices from all corners of the country to inspire and empower anyone who attends.

Registration for McKesson ideaShare opens the week of March 11 and runs through May 31.

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