McKesson ideaShare is an opportunity for community pharmacy owners and representatives to network and inspire each other to implement new ideas in support of better pharmacy health. McKesson facilitates this annual event to provide hands-on demonstrations, the latest in trends and technology, special deals, and in-depth industry knowledge from thought leaders and peers.

Better Pharmacy Health Starts with You

At McKesson ideaShare, you shape the experience. Your active participation helps create a lively environment of collaboration and a shared commitment to better business for you, better care for your patients, and a better future for our industry.

Better Together

By bringing together owners and leaders from all over the country, we will create an atmosphere of interaction, learning and advocacy focused on better profitability, efficiency and patient care. With a combination of industry-leading strategies and expertise, world-class pharmaceutical distribution, advanced technology, and business-building solutions, McKesson can help you achieve better pharmacy health.

Working together, we will share ideas and best practices to drive better business, better care and a better future.