5 reasons your pharmacy technicians should join us at McKesson ideaShare

Pharmacy technicians are an essential part of that team, and it’s about time they got their due at McKesson ideaShare.

From managing inventory to assisting with patient care and everything in between, pharmacy technicians are truly the core of any pharmacy. At McKesson ideaShare, pharmacy technicians can elevate their expertise and network with other technicians from around the country.

This year, McKesson ideaShare is putting a spotlight on pharmacy technicians by offering an all-new technician-focused track. The track is designed to provide valuable education and networking opportunities for pharmacy technicians, as well as opportunities to learn from and share best practices with other technicians and pharmacists. Here are five reasons why your pharmacy technicians should join the technician track at McKesson ideaShare 2023.

1. Network with Peers and Experts: The technician-focused track at McKesson ideaShare offers ample opportunities to connect with fellow technicians, pharmacists, and industry experts. Attendees can participate in a technician reception and lounge, as well as roundtable discussions and general sessions.

2. Earn Continuing Education Credits: By attending the technician track sessions, your team can earn up to 10 hours of live continuing education credits. This is a valuable opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills, while also fulfilling CE requirements.

3. Expand Their Career Growth: The technician track at McKesson ideaShare provides a platform for technicians to ignite their professional development and explore new opportunities. The roundtable discussion “The Sky is the Limit When Technicians Raise Up the Pharmacy Team” encourages technicians to share ideas and tools for enhancing pharmacy operations, clinical services, and more.

4. Learn About Community Health Worker Programs: The session “Technicians as Community Health Workers” provides insights on how pharmacy technicians can play a larger role in connecting patients with local resources and services. This is an innovative way for pharmacies to add value to their patients and communities, while also expanding their business.

5. Save Money and Win Prizes: By attending McKesson ideaShare, your pharmacy can save up to $6,000 in rebates for up to five stores through the OneStop Generics Rebate program. Technicians who register by May 1 are also entered into a drawing for a chance to win a Boyz II Men VIP experience and a discounted package to McKesson ideaShare 2024.

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