Eden Drug receives state proclamation from North Carolina

North Carolina House Representatives visit Eden Drug to share news about the proclamation. Pictured left to right are McKesson Pharmacy Sales Consultant Bryce Aronson, Eden Drug Pharmacist Amanda Crouch Perfetti, North Carolina State Representative Wayne Sasser, Eden Drug owner Pete Crouch and North Carolina State Representative Reece Pyrtle.

On October 10, 2023, North Carolina State Representative of the 65th District Reece Pyrtle spoke to the North Carolina General Assembly to present an official proclamation to the 2023 Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year, Eden Drug and owner Pete Crouch, RPh and his wife Debbie.

“It is fitting to honor and recognize Pete and Debbie Crouch for their outstanding service to the City of Eden and Rockingham County because they received the [Health Mart Pharmacy of the Year] in 2023,” Reece said.

“…Pete’s employees…he has a great group there, an independent small pharmacy that delivers prescriptions to our shut-ins and seniors in our aging community. And one of those folks is my mom,” Reece said.

Pete Crouch unloads a truck full of school supplies for Eden Drug backpack program giving supplies to kids in need.

He went on to speak about the wide variety of services the Eden Drug team provides, including personalized care his mother receives from the delivery team.

“Being recognized by Reece Pyrtle at the NC State Legislature was a moment of immense pride and gratitude for Eden Drug. It felt like our unwavering commitment to our community had touched the hearts of those who shape our state,” Pete said.  “This honor is a reflection of the dedication of our team and the trust of our cherished patrons. We are inspired to continue serving with passion and care, ensuring that our community’s well-being remains our highest priority.”

Reece also spoke about a backpack program that Pete and his team put together to provide school supplies and backpacks to in-need kids in the community.

“That passion, that caring for the community is reflected not only through Pete and his employees, but the whole community,” Reece said. “I just want to say, on behalf of my 85-year-old mom, the City of Eden, Rockingham County and the State of North Carolina, how much we appreciate the services [they provide.] What a well-deserved recognition for Eden Drug.”

Pete and Debbie brought back the proclamation to celebrate the honor with the whole Eden Drug team, which includes their daughter, Amanda Crouch Perfetti, PharmD.

“Like Roosevelt said, it’s not the critic that counts, but the man in the arena. Being an independent pharmacy, owner is courageous and requires a willingness to try new ways of taking care of patients. It was an extreme honor to be recognized for how my parents have led our team with humility, determination, and a spirit of service to our community,” Amanda said.

Watch the full proclamation statement below.

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