Get to know Professional Pharmacy, a Pharmacy of the Year finalist

Baltimore, Maryland
Health Mart since 2016

Based in Baltimore, Maryland, Professional Pharmacy has continued to serve all the citizens of their community, two legs and four legs, through the good times and the bad. Owner Christine Lee-Wilson gives a lot of credit to her team whom she ensures are working at the top of their license and growing into new roles.

She is also a major local and national advocate for independent pharmacy in the fight against DIR fees and promoting the role of community pharmacy in people’s lives.

Key highlights

  • Testified at state and federal level on a number of practice and PBM bills
  • Advocating for H.B. 1151, allowing pharmacists to receive compensation for any service within a pharmacist’s scope of practice
  • 2010 Maryland Pharmacists Association Distinguished Young Pharmacist of the Year Recipient

“We are big supporters of BARCS (Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter)…we provide discounts to animal rescues and shelters for compounded prescriptions. We also work with the Baltimore County department of aging to supply medications, diapers, and other durable medical equipment supply to approximately 40 residents in the community monthly…Our focus is to work at the top of our licenses no matter the position.”

– owner Christine Lee-Wilson, Pharm.D.

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