Pricing & Rebate

A pricing structure designed with you in mind

Registering for McKesson ideaShare 2022 gives you an all-access pass to everything the show has to offer, including general sessions, learning experiences, networking opportunities and more.

You’ll need a full conference pass to get the complete McKesson ideaShare experience, and we’re offering guest passes to give up to one (1) guest the chance to join you on the expo hall floor and join you for the final night party with Kool & The Gang.

We’re also offering final night party guest passes for any other guests that want to join you for a lively night of fun.

You can find pricing options in the table below.

Receive and book special hotel rates after registration

Registered attendees must reserve their own hotel reservations via the link provided in your registration confirmation email in order to secure our special rates (~$229-$249/night) at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. Please note that we will not be securing hotel rooms on your behalf and that rooms are for registered attendees only.

Full Conference Pass

(Multi-store owners: register up to five (5) stores under one person)

  • Eligible for Rebate 
  • General Sessions
  • Learning Experiences
  • CE Sessions
  • Lunch & Learns
  • Expo Hall
  • Final Night Party
  • Conference Meals


Expo Hall Adult Guest Pass

(limit 1 per registration)

  • Expo Hall
  • Final Night Party
  • Conference Meals
Final Night Party Pass (18+)
Final Night Party Pass (ages 6-17)
Final Night Party Pass (ages 5 & under)

The McKesson OneStop Generics® rebate is back

Because of high demand, we increased our generics rebate capacity to 2,400!
While McKesson ideaShare has been reimagined, the McKesson OneStop Generics® rebate is still here to help you save. By registering early, you can earn 2% of total OneStop Generics purchases up to $4,000.

The ideaShare rebate is 2% of Total OneStop purchases for the duration of the rebate, not exceeding $4,000 in total payment (i.e. a customer that’s eligible to earn 5 months of rebates will stop earning rebates if they’ve received $4,000 in the first 3 months).

The first 1,700 2,400 retail independent small/medium chain segment stores, and ASRx stores, that register for and attend the Opening Session and Public Policy Session are eligible to receive the ideaShare rebate.  Attendance will be tracked by badge scanning technology.

Multi-store owners can register up to five (5) stores (account numbers) under one registration for $799. All stores under one registration will qualify for rebate. If more than five stores need to be registered, an additional registration under a different attendee will need to be submitted for $799.

Required sessions include the Opening Session and Public Policy Session.

ASRx stores include Long Term Care, Home Health, Hospice, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing and combo facilities.

The first 1,700 2,400 stores that register and attend the Opening Session and Public Policy Session will receive up to five (5) months of rebates (August through December).

The ideaShare rebate will be paid directly to eligible stores (instead of through the buying groups) via credit memo.

Rebates will be earned starting with August purchases (paid on September 20).

Rebates will be paid on the 20th of every month. 

Reporting detailing the ideaShare rebate will be made available through your sales consultant.

Only OneStop rebate eligible items will be used to calculate the ideaShare rebate.