Visit the Social Media Zone

Where: Marketing & Branding Pavilion

When: Opens and closes with the show floor

What: Pick up social media marketing tips and record a commercial

Who: Anyone that wants to do more for their business with social media

Video recording booths

We’ve improved our video booths with closed off spaces for optimal privacy and recording.

Ring light raffle

When you come by and record a video, we’ll add your name to a raffle to win one of our ring lights that you can use to make your own videos when you get home.


We’ll have some fun goodies at the Social Media Zone that won’t last long. So, be sure to pop by early.

In today’s world, social media marketing plays a big part in attracting and retaining customers, whether you are a large corporation of a small rural business. Social media marketing done right can help you meet your customers where they live, on their phones and computers. Utilizing social media platforms can help you talk to your customers, understand and react to their needs and build loyalty around your business.

Many independent pharmacies are doing great work with their social media accounts, while others still haven’t caught on.

Understandably, there are numerous barriers to get going with social media, including a lack of knowledge about how to use social media and a lack of time to focus on it.

The Social Media Zone wants to help inspire you to get started with social media marketing or get inspired to take your current social media efforts to the next level.

Are you using social media to communicate with your customers?

You’ll find a range of helpful tips and topics at the Social Media Zone, including best practices, content templates and ideas to get you inspired to revamp or ramp up your social media presence.

We’ve got the prescription for your social media program:

  • Marketing Hub Digital Advertising
  • Marketing Hub Overview
  • Facebook Video Scripts
  • How to post a video to Facebook
  • Social Video Tips and Tricks
  • Social Media Tips
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